Automate your Website Uptime Monitoring

Have a peace of mind while we monitor critical pieces of your Website 24/7. Site monki monitors your website uptime, performs SSL certificate checks and monitors cron jobs all in one simple web interface.

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Website Uptime monitor

Monitor your website uptime. Get instant alerts when your website goes down

Domain monitor

Don't give away your domain to Mafias. Get alerted days or weeks before it expires.

SSL checker & monitor

Get reminders before your SSL certificates expire.

Health checks & Cron Jobs

Set up Health checks to ensure your services are running. Monitor cron jobs to ensure they actually ran


Site monki currently only has a free tier in beta. However, paid plans will be rolling out as soon as we exit beta version.

$0 Monthly
  • 5 website monitors
  • 5 domain monitors
  • 5 SSL monitors
  • 5 Heath check monitors
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Site monki has helped us respond to downtime and monitor our domain names.

Ronald Kasendwa

CTO Ubunifu Systems