About us

Sitemonki is a website uptime, domain and ssl certificate monitoring service. Site monki monitors your website uptime, domain name expiry, performs SSL certificate checks and monitors cron jobs all in one simple web interface.

We also have a set of tools for webmasters to manage and maintain their websites. They include;

  1. WHOIS domain lookup: https://sitemonki.com/whois
  2. SSL Chain cerficiate checker: https://sitemonki.com/ssl-checker
  3. DNS Lookup(A, CNAME, MX, NS, TXT): https://sitemonki.com/dns-lookup
  4. Domain availability checker: https://sitemonki.com/domain-checker
  5. What’s my IP address: https://sitemonki.com/whats-my-ip
  6. IP Adress WHOIS Lookup: https://sitemonki.com/ip-lookup
  7. Email verifier: https://sitemonki.com/verify-email
  8. Webhosting checker: https://sitemonki.com/webhost-checker
  9. Site downtime detector: https://sitemonki.com/site-down
  10. Phone number validator: https://sitemonki.com/phone-validator